by FuzzCoil

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released January 8, 2015



all rights reserved


FuzzCoil Toronto, Ontario

FuzzCoiL is a one man outfit based in Ontario, Canada who makes electronic music.

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Track Name: Guts ft. Ethan Pounds
get my guts out
back to day one
get my guts out

flat glass i'm doubling back
filtering a candy ass bulletin sag
and the mom shook she threw us a pulled frag
and a left hook nightgown showed up in drag
and a wee witch stick shift gift wrapped g-pen
shot into a car with a quarter ounce of wheat thins
and the way the look creeped up on me
i turn into a bad case of blind a rat crease

nascent art screaming basic
undertow of flagellation
mouths aplenty eat invasion
guts of bugs are newly painted
revolution equal recoiling
while soiling soil work
bury 225 million kilos under dirt

get rid of your gruesome syncopation
hundred tracks in mind unphasin'
the waste and mistakes im savin'
food air and fuckin' the three things i'm craving

get my guts out
back to day one
get my guts out

abolish a complication
simplified orientation
i've become a sovereign nation
shutting down the power station

everything's a sick and slowly sinking in the quick and i'll be waiting for the day a simple stick will do the trick
the pattern of a failing brain is mapping course down swollen lanes
and arteries with martyr ease aggro to dull then fully tame
latent disregard when kids are slipping in the mud
do you not realize that fable takes you closer to your god
defiant of the truth and stuck in rapture without muse
able bodied gentleman in gutless centenarian suit